Saturday, October 2, 2010

If they could only speak

She always was straightforward. I felt her square her shoulders and take a deep breath. It made the buttons strain, just a tiny bit.

"Hal." She looked him right in the eye.

He was always perceptive. He didn't give her a chance to go on. He just said "I thought so." There was that half-grin, and the accompanying shrug. His hands in his pockets, not fidgeting, just there.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Her hands smoothed the front of her skirt. If she had been a nervous person, that would have been her nervous habit.

"Ladies first ..."

"Always the gentleman."

"Just not your gentleman." His grin lurched to the other side.

"A gentle man, all the same." Her hand lifted, almost to his face. He caught it and pressed a kiss into her palm. She didn't pull away, but he let her hand drop.

"Well, then. I'll let myself out," he said. She stood still, and when she said "Hal" again it was to the empty room. Three whistled notes came through the window, then died away, the phrase abandoned.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love these looks!

Classic feminine and sexy without revealing...

I tried to buy a cardi like this yesterday - but it didn't fit :(

"In my day, people dressed," sultry show-business legend Eartha Kitt
once said. "You left your tracksuits at home." Kitt, who died last year
after a six-decade career, always looked unbelievably soigné.

{soigne - polished and well-groomed; showing sophisticated elegance}

I'd like to be like that

Vintage Dresses

I am really enjoying looking at vintage dresses on line.
For example, this one is a gorgeous shop

And if you want a good giggle - add this blog to your list

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Safari

The Children and I have had a lot of fun turning the Library into "Africa" for our 2009 Book Week Theme - Book Safari. Every day someone brings somethng else in to add to the display.
Enjoy the pictures.

The Picture Book Swamp

THe Jungle of Information

The great Grasslands of Fiction

Friday, April 10, 2009


Just looked at the date of my last blog - I knew it had been a while but can't believe it was back in February - a whole school term away. Why haven't I posted. I love reading everyone else's blogs. I guess I think my life's too boring...

Anyway some intersting stuff has happened.
1. I have a new house mate. She's lovely and an amazing story. Call me and find out... Working out great.

2. I am on holidays for 2 weeks - Yay. Lots of jobs to do at home -may list them in next blog. Then 3 days away at Pacific Palms near Forster with a friend.

3. My nephew Sam (from USA) has announced he is moving to Australia - will stay with me - Full House - Packed to the Rafters etc. Fun... He wants to go to North Sydney TAFE and study Film.

4. My best (guy) friend got a BIG promotion - some celebrating happening here soon.

5. I have a new Great Niece - Sadie Lane

S there's a few things happening. No excuse. Will really try to write more often.

In the meantime check out my friends & family's blogs.
JJ - you love Nicole's Scraps of Life.
Look in the right column.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breakfast... and Panic!

Yesterday was Saturday. That is the day you have a GOOD breakfast. During the week, it's cereal or toast or a diet shake or something ordinary and quick, but on Saturdays you get pancakes or bacon and eggs or a yummy B&E roll from the Kiosk at Cronulla.

Anyway, I decided to have a Southern Breakfast. Yum! Thanks to Carol I have Grits and Bisquick. I had bought free-range eggs (the best) this week so I was very excited. I had bacon, fried eggs, grits and biscuits (for the non Americans, biscuits look like a scone, but taste a bit different and you eat them for breakfast!

Skipped the white gravy this time, but will have leftover biscuit with gravy later!

Breakfast was just about ready, keeping it in the pan to stay warm while the biscuits finished baking, so I went outside to get the (delivered) Saturday newspaper to read while I ate my breakfast outside on the patio. I realised I hadn't grabbed the mail on Friday so I opened the box and grabbed the letters etc. Took them all inside, dished up breakfast and went out to the patio table. I started to eat while sorting the letters and noticed that one was from the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority)

I went into immediate panic. These are the people that issue speeding tickets.

Now for those who don't know, I have been on a probationary Licence for the last 10 months. Over the last 3 years I have recieved 4 speeding tickets. When you reach 12 points in 3 years you lose your licence for 3 months and I had reached that last January. You are allowed to sign a form that you will promise not to lose any more points in the next 12 months (after you pay the fine and sign). If you do, you will lose your licence for double the time. Can you imagine trying to get to work at Menai or anywhere else without driving? I am on this probation until March 2010. i was so careful driving in the USA not to speed - that's hard in Atlanta where everyone else on the road is going 10 mph over the limit.

My history with speeding is new, never got a ticket before this current (very powerful) car. So I like to blame the car, but also we now have speed cameras everywhere. My weak spots seem to be in Nowra down the south coast where I go once a year (for 3 years I got one every year!) and school zones. Normally I am at school working, in school zone times, so only on the occassion that I leave early or don't work that day would I be there, but yes, I have had two of those!

I had been especially "pedantic" (there it is Carol) about watching the speedo all through Berry and Nowra this year as I went to and from Kioloa twice. My immediate thought was "Don't tell me I missed a spot and went too fast somewhere." (We now have varying speed limits of 40,50,60,70,80,90,and 100 kmh (110 on freeways) and someimes there is no logic to the speed chosen, so you have to watch for the signs ALL the time!)

I was almost crying over my breakfast, and reluctant to open it. I ate half the breakfast in a panic. What if, what if etc. Finally I thought, well the letter is here so go ahead and open it and find out what you did wrong and then start thinking how you are going to manage without a licence.

When I opened it, it was some dumb letter about claiming cashback if you paid tolls on the Motorway. You cannot imagine my relief (although there is still always a possibility until March.)

I was able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of my breakfast!